Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Perfumes in Rotation ♡

Hey Guys,

Perfumes, this post is about perfumes, I mean, I guess you probably guessed that right. I never really talk about Perfumes on here because, I'm not that great at explaining the scent, its usually a line or two. But one person, I do now, who is beyond fabulous at writing up perfume posts, is Kay, over at Shoes and Glitter. Kay has a serious passion and love for perfume and it really shows through her descriptions and photography and so today, I thought I'd give it an amateur attempt, and discuss what perfumes I've been grabbing for ...

Next Rouge Absolute Eau De Parfum (£12.00)

Confession, this is my sister's lol. She received it as a gift and I've kinda, totally, just stole it off her. I couldn't help myself. Its a beautiful scent though, not too strong, urgh, I hate strong scents, they just end up giving me a headache. It's a floral scent, with hints of sweet fruits. It's quite a sweet and summery smelling perfume!

Calvin Klein Eternity Eau De Parfum (£35.00)

This was my mum's favourite scent, every time I spritz myself with this, it reminds me so much of her! Isn't it amazing how a bottle of perfume can do that? Now, how do I describe this? It's a lot stronger than the Next Rouge Absolute, not drastically stronger, just not as sweet. It is a floral scent, ans has notes of Sage, Mandarin, White Lilly and Amber, along with a mix of a few other plants.

DKNY Women Eau De Toilette (£29.00)

Lastly we have a lighter scent than the other two. It's really energising and the kind of perfume that finishes off your morning routine nicely, whilst giving you energy for the day. This one has notes of Water Lilly, Vanilla, Sandalwood and tomato leaf. I've never heard of tomato leaf!

Aaaand, that's all I have for today's post, pretty quick and short! What's your signature scent?

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  1. Oo these sounds lovely! I've smelt eternity but not the other two. I find it hard describing scents too! Love the sound of the next one ❤️

    Amina xx | www.AliandHer.com


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