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All Things Burt's Bees ♡

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Before my love of lipsticks, there was a major love for lip tints, lip balms with hints of colour and those pink Nivea lip balms. Now, I barely give any of them a second thought, I'm too deep in love with lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and anything of the sort, which is where Burt's Bees comes in. As much as I love Carmex, I prefer Burt's Bees for all things lip balm+colour, they just have a much wider ranges and shades, there really is a lot to pick from. Which is where this post comes in, I'll be sharing a couple of new ranges Burt's Bees offer ...

The Ranges:
Lipsticks (£9.99)*: A fairly new range featuring 18 lovely shades, from the deep berry toned lippes to the bright pinks!

Gloss Lip Crayons (£9.99)*: A much newer range, a lightweight gloss in a crayon shape, consisting of 6 natural shades!

Right, lets get onto the actual review, I've split each section into two, one for the lipsticks and the other for the gloss crayon, hopefully that makes a little sense lol!
Packaging and Applicators:
Lipsticks: Very light weight lipstick, but has a lovely pointed bullet, making application incredibly easy! I actually really like the pattern on the side of the lippies, it just adds such a nice touch, I was expecting it to be a little heavier, but hey ho, it's not a pain to carry around!

Gloss Lip Crayons: Standard lip crayon packaging, a pointed tip, you can get to all the awkward places on the lip nicely. I love the detail on the side, its glossy, metallic and adds a luxurious appeal!
Lipsticks: Aaah, this is a great formula, it leaves a creamy finish, with a lot of shine. It glides on like a dream, smoothly and easily. It feels incredibly comfortable on the lips because it is natural, very hydrating and moisturizing. Because its quite light on the lips, you don't feel as though you have anything on. Don't get me started on the pigment, for a lipstick range that I never really gave much thought too, its very pigmented, a little really goes a long way, you only really need two swipes to have both lips covered :)

Gloss Lip Crayons: These are quite similar to the lipsticks, apart from the fact that they're more glossy. It's not you're typical lip gloss, its almost like a lipstick, in a crayon shape, that adds a lovely touch of gloss to the lips, not sticky or tacky, like some other glosses. Was that a mouthful or not lol. The qualities of these are quite similar to the lipsticks, however in terms on pigment, it is great, but you do really need to go in on the lips when applying to get the richness of the colour. Just with the lipsticks, these feel very comfortable and lightweight!
Wear Ability:
In terms of wear ability, both the lipsticks and gloss lip crayons are pretty much the same, apart from the fact that the lipsticks last that hour extra. They both last a good 4/5 hours, but as they both are creamy, you won't have anything on after lunch. The gloss doesn't last as long, purely because it is a gloss and if you accidentally rub it against your shirt, lets just hope its not a white one, because it will leave a mark lol!
The Shades:
Russet River*: A browny red.
Blush Basin*: A natural pink.
Lily Lake*: A classic nude.

Gloss Lip Crayons:
Pacific Coast*: A Deep pink.
Outback Oasis*: A very light nudey pink.
Tahitian Sunset*: Very similar to Pacific Coast, a lighter pink.
Burt's Bees also have a campaign running called "Bring back the Bees" and involves a limited edition Coconut & Pear Lip Balm*, and with each lip balm sold, 5,000 bee friendly seeds wildflower seeds will be planted! Can I just say, this is the best scented lip balm ever, as soon as you open the pack, the scent hits you and its amazing! Of course, it's incredibly moisturizing, and leaves you with the most softest lips!

I think both the Lipsticks* and Gloss Lip Crayons* are perfect if you're just getting started with makeup or just fancy something other than your usual lipstick/liquid l2ipstick!

And there we have it, it's not my usual posting day but I still wanted to get a second post out this week.

Have you tried anything from Burt's Bees?

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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