Tuesday, 18 July 2017

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Hey Guys,

Back with another Tip Tastes, this is the last one I have in the bank, I think. That only means one thing, I need to get my butt to a few restaurants! But, for today I have a quick little, possibly, controversial review on Wagamama. I'm not sure if the restaurant is world wide, hang on, let me give it a little google. Okay, it turns out they are, there's franchises in Europe and scattered all over the world. It's of a Japanese Cuisine and offers many dishes such as Ramen noodle soups and of course, its famous and much loved Chicken Katsu Curry. I popped in with a friend and here's what I thought of it all ...

For starters we ordered Edamame Beans with Salt, because I absolutely love Edamame Beans, I don't know why I love them so much, I think it's the notion of eating them and lets be honest, I love anything with salt, its so bad! Anyway, to go with the Beans, we also got Yasai Steamed Gyoza. I loved the beans, if you hadn't already noticed lol, but the Gyoza I didn't really like, I mean it wasn't horrible, it's just not to my taste buds. The filling was nice, I think it was the texture of the actual skin of the dumpling, its kinda chewy and not for me.
 Onto my main dish, there weren't many Vegetarian Options so I just went with a Vegetarian Noodle dish called, Yasai Yaki Soba and switched the noodles to Rice Noodles, I love thick noodles, even with Pasta dishes, I'll always go switch Spaghetti to Tagliatelle. Its kind of like a stir fry, with vegetables, noodles and tofu. The actual dish, hmm, it was okay, it was quite bland and I didn't finish it. It was a massive portion but I kept eating and at the end, it looked like I hadn't even made dent! I didn't really like it to be honest. I had that feeling of 'urgh, do I have to eat it' and the feeling of 'eating it, purely because its in front of you'.
The service was great, the staff were friendly, unfortunately the food wasn't to my taste. Would I go back? Only if they widen the Vegetarian options and if I were incredibly hungry with nothing nearby LOL.

I was a little bit disappointed, because I thought I'd really like the dishes as it's such a popular restaurant, but hey, at least, after waiting quite a while to try it out, I finally did.

But we didn't want to make the complete trip a waste, so grabbed dessert from a dessert parlor, called Treatz. I ordered my one true love of Profiteroles and it was absolutely incredible, like beyond breathtaking, they were so good, if you hadn't gathered haha!

And that's all I've got for you all today, have you ever been to Wagamama, did you like it?

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