Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A few ways to de-stress ♡

Hey Guys,

Today, I'm talking De-Stressing, nope, it's not easy and we all wish we could do it more frequently, we all have busy lives and are often rushed off our feet, with kids, work, family and general day to day errands. I rarely de-stress, but I try and do little things here and there, whether that be scoffing on a few  (many) biscuits or binging on a TV Show. Also, as it's exam season, hopefully a few of these will help you feel a little at ease. I've discovered a few new ways, that I thought I'd share with you all ...

The Traditional - Bath, Bubbles and Candles

The best way in my opinion, you can't beat a warm, candle lit and bubbly bath. You just relax and zone out, and who doesn't love a bath?! Whack on a face mask, you can't have a pamper evening without a face mask. Go with one that suites your skin, I've been loving multi masking. I usually apply one of those Black Head peel off masks on my nose, and then something more suited to detoxing or adding glow to the skin on the rest on my face!


Who says after a bath, you're pampering has to stop. Pick out a nail polish, get some cuticle oil and a nail file and give those nails some TLC!


Aaah, this, I do a lot of haha. Whenever I'm feeling annoyed or want something to take my mind of things, I eat, or cook. Because you're placing your concentration on another process, I guess. My favourite thing to cook is Pasta, because it doesn't take long, its tasty and hey, it's CARBolicious, yep, I said that, seriously! LOL! Buut, if I can't be bothered, I'll eat my body weight in biscuits, I love me a custard cream or a few digestives, hhmm!

Play around with Makeup

I know this might be a strange one, but when I was younger and had exams on, I would always have a little play around with my mums makeup, which she wasn't too happy with lols. But it would be my little treat, during a break, I'd swatch eye shadows like crazy and apply the wrong colour foundation. Ooh ooh, my favourite part would be putting on eyeliner and majorly failing, so, then I'd end up covering my own eye lid in eyeliner, and filling it in as if it were a colouring book!! What I'm trying to say haha, is do something that you love doing, whether that be painting (not eyelids though) or reading.


Oooh, how we all love a bit of this. Is there anywhere, more comfortable than your own bed? Not for me, I struggle to get out of it most mornings haha. It's the best feeling hitting the sack after the end of a long day. I love to use an eye mask, just to block out any light and recently, I've used a Space Mask*, yup, you read right, a space mask. It's a simple eye mask that slowly heats up and warms the eyes to help you drift away into your sleep. It really helps soothe the eyes and the warm compress is a luxurious feeling. 

You can find a little more information about the space masks here: spacemasks.com

And that's it for today, what are your favourite ways to de-stress?

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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