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Tip Tastes: Masala Zone ♡

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HI, its me on a Friday lols! Truth be told, I was off my feet yesterday and couldn't manage to get a post up, so I just thought I'd post one today. Anyway, yay, I'm back with another Tip Tastes, and yay for me because I get to relive all the food haha, but its actually not fun because although I've just had lunch, I know all I'll crave for the rest of the day, is take out. Today's post is a little review on Masala Zone, I went way back in February but I've never got round to writing this post up! It's an Indian Restaurant and provides an authentic Indian cuisine ...
So, my friends and I went for a bite to eat before we went to watch Aladdin, the musical which I don't think I'll ever stop raving about because it was fantastic! Back to the food, we ate at the Camden Branch and my friends will agree, I couldn't stop going on about the Interior, I have a secret passion for all things homeware and interior design so it like heaven to my eyes! The lighting was unique and its pretty safe to say, it was a clean restaurant lol and annoyingly, I can't hunt the picture down that I took of the inside :(

We only ordered 2 starters because our main's were quite heavy and filling. We always have a problem of over ordering, and we never learn haha, but we didn't do too bad this time round. We opted for a Dahi Puri, which is basically a puffy pastry filled with yogurt, potato, chickpeas and all kind of delicious spices, it doesn't exactly sound like a great combination but it tasted really nice! You kind of have to do a hole in one, and get it in your mouth whole, there's no beating around the bush. It was tasty, really tasty, you get all sorts of flavours going on in your mouth.

The second starter was a Pav Bhaji, which is a thick vegetable curry served with melted butter and burger buns. I didn't personally try this but it got a thumbs up from my friends :)

Onto mains, two of us got a Masala Dosa whilst my other friend ordered in a Thali and a vegetable biriyani to share. Okay so a Dosa is a thin, crispy, almost paper like pancake in which the batter is made from soaked lentils and rice. The masala part comes from the fact that the Dosa is stuffed with a potato curry and served with a chutney and sambar, which is a daal. The verdict, more please haha, it was really nice, and the accompaniments were so flavorsome that you forget the how plain the Dosa actually is. its everything else that does the talking!

So onto the other main, a Thali, how do I describe this? Urm, its like a massive dish that has naan bread or rice and many different curries, with different tastes and spices. Referred back to my friend and she loved it. It was filling and different.

Now, the not so great part, the Vegetable Biriyani, it was not great. A Biriyani is just rice and vegetables and we make it at home and it's always what I order at an Indian restuarant. But this time, it failed on me, it just didn't taste nice, it had a spice called saffron, which my grandma uses in food at home but in Biriyani, it was horrible. It left a weird aftertaste and it's safe to say, it was barely touched. I mean, it looked great but it wasn't ...

The final verdict, the service was fab, we loved it there, and I will be going back some time in the future, but I won't be ordering the Biriyani any time soon!

A belated post, but I hope the food pictures made up for it haha, hope everyone has a fab weekend :)

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