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Reminiscing with AVON ♡

Hey Guys,

Avon, ah, gold ol' Avon, it was the makeup brand of my teenage years. I remember the first time, I was introduced to Avon, I say me, it was actually my mum, but of course, I was tagged to her lol. I was getting my brows done (yes, I was very early to the whole getting your brows threaded game, 13, to be precise!) and the eyebrow lady goes, have a flick through the little catalouge and write down what you want, I'll order it in for you. From that point, every time we went to her, I'd browse all the catalouges that had come in and want everything, but my favourite part was, flicking to the perfume section. I used rub the little 'rub me' sign near the fragrance, until the page bled and then totally, sniffing it in front of people getting their brows done or hair chopped, without any shame, how pleasant were I?

Haha, I can't have been the only one that did this, right? Any who, when I was offered a few bits from the new Avon Collection, I couldn't help but be taken back ...

I'll start off with the new Mark Collection, consisting of 35 Gel High Shine Nail Polishes*! And I can firmly say that they are right up there with my love for Barry M Nail Polishes, and we all know how fab Barry M Polishes are :)

I tested this for about 3 weeks and I was actually really impressed, I didn't have a chipped nail for around a week and a half, which for me is a winner. Well, anything that doesn't chip after 3 days, is a winner for me haha. But my favourite part about this range, is that, although it's a regular nail polish, it has the perfect amount of shine, and replicates a gel nail! I've had gel nails, and of course they last a lot longer but the gel effect is there with these polishes.

Also, the shade range is insane, every shade is covered, from the nudes to the brights :) I've just had a browse on the Avon website and they're going for £3.50, down from £7.00, bargain!!

True Colour Supreme Collection

Onto a fairly new collection by Avon, it launched earlier this year and consists of 12 Nourishing Lipsticks* (£8.00) and a Supreme Lengthening Nourishing Mascara* (£10.00). I'll start off with the packaging, which is very pretty and rose gold esque, and you all know, I'm sucked into anything rose gold. The mascara and lipstick packaging tie into each other with the rose gold, which adds a touch of luxurity. Nice, slick and classy!

The Supreme Lengthening Nourishing Mascara contains coconut and argan oil, which have both become favourites in the world of beauty and gives the mascara moisture and softness. Based on first impressions, I was a little hesitant about it but after a good few weeks of testing, I found myself reaching for it more and more. It's nice and natural, whilst adding the correct amount of length. It also dries quickly, I really don't like wet mascara's because I find that they're so messy and I tend to get it everywhere but luckily, there wasn't no fussing around with this. 

It also doesn't not clump, I need a hooray!! I really don't get a long with clumpy mascara's, they're major no no's for me, can you tell, I'm very fussy when it comes to mascara lol. But, yep, this doesn't clump and it doesn't catch and give every lash natural volume. 

Right, onto the lipsticks, my fave makeup item of all item, duuh! I'm so used to matte and non-creamy lipsticks lol, so when I wore one of these, I was like hmm, it takes me back to pre liquid lipstick days. Hopefully the swatches show, just how creamy they are, and with the creaminess, comes the nourishment, they feel so comfortable on the lips! But, the down side is that they transfer easily and don't last as long as hoped, you do reapply after eating. 

The pigment, I was super surprised by because I thought, with them being of a creamy consistency, they won't be full of richness, but they really are. They're also quite sheer, but full of vibrancy and colour. 

The shade range is quite impressive, it covers all bases, from the berries to the naturals:
Smooth Mocha: A true brown.
Nourishing Nude: A 'your lips, but pinkier' shade.
Silky Peach: Warm peachy orange.
Sublime Wine: Classic, wine-y red.
Loving Lilac: A daring, light purple.
Sumptuous Berry: A light, natural, berry shade.
Revitalizing Raspberry: Very similar to Sublime Wine, just a shade lighter.

And that's it, for today's post, the new Avon bits, can be found on their website here :)

What do you make of the new collections?

See you all next week :)

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.


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