Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Attempting Pinterest | DIY Bath Bombs ♡

Hey Guys,

The one where I attempt bath bombs. I can't say they went well but hey, this is an attempting pinterest post and its the attempt that counts, at least that's what I tell myself as I type away lol. Of course, as per usual I was browsing pinterest and randomly came across DIY Bath Bombs, I never knew these were a thing but there's so many pins out there on Bath Bombs. I thought this could be a game changer, when it comes to the Bath Bomb front but half way through the process, I retracted that statement ...
So, I started very hopeful, I got a few pins up on my phone, switched the auto lock on the iPhone to off, because I knew my hands would get messy, got a variety of 'DIY Bath Bomb' pins up on pinterest and began. 
What I used:
The whole tub of Bicarbonate of Soda, yup, the whole tub.
The whole tub of Cornflour, yup.
The whole bottle of rock salt, yup, we're following a theme.
The whole bottle of Pink food colouring, yup.
Grapefruit oil, many drops.
Lavender oil, many many drops.
A handful of dried flowers.
A handful of dried rose petals.
Plastic Bowls.
And finally, two plastic bath bomb molds or clear plastic Christmas baubles.

After a crap ton of 'ingredients' I began combining the mixture for the first bath bomb, which I like to call the the pungent Grapefruit fizzer, how exciting lols. For this one, I used all the ingredients apart from the pink colouring, lavender oil and dried rose petals. I used plastic bowls because, lets be honest I couldn't be bothered washing up after. After all the mixing, it seemed really dry but I thought once its in the mold, it'll combine and be fine. To jazz it up I placed some dried lavender in the mold first and then pilled the mixture in.

Onto the second one, did exactly the same, just with the lavender oil instead, used the pink colouring and dried rose petals. This one was much wetter and I thought, okay, we're onto a winner, I was pretty confident haha, until ... my grandma came into the living room and looked at the mess I created, lets just say, there was a lot of cleaning to be done, and doing this whole thing in the living room was a bad idea lols.

Okay okay, after both were ready, I put them away until the next morning. The grapefruit one didn't want to stick together so I tied it together with rubber bands, how glamorous!

The next morning came around, I got all excited didn't I, but damn, they were a major fail. I mean just look at the pictures. Both halves, came totally apart, I genuinely thought it would form into some kind of a ball. Nope.

Then I was like, okay, I have about 4 halves, it'll just come out as some kind of half sphere . Yup, that didn't happen either. So I just gave up and cleaned it all up ... again!

Urgh, so moral of the post, just stick to buying Bath Bombs Trishna haha! Major fail, but hey, I still attemped the Pinterest :)

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  1. Aw no what a pity! They still look good though! Did you throw them in the bath at all?

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. I think they still looked pretty good, even if they were smashed! But that is to expect when you do something for the first time, the next time they'll be a lot better for sure ♡

    Cy | Dulce de Mango


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