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I Heart Spring Tag ♡

Hey Guys,

Well, its been ages since I've done tag! I think the last one I did was last year, I remember I did one monthly but then I stopped because I had to take a long break from blogging and never really got back onto the bandwagon of writing up a tag. Buut, I was tagged by the lovely that is Kay, who blogs over at Shoes and Glitter  and writes up the best perfume reviews, you'll probably ever find! And so, that's what I'll be posting today, a tag, all about Spring ...

Favourite Spring Nail Polish?
I tend to reach for all the pastel and soft shades, such as pastel pinks, or a soft and subtle purple. They're probably my fave all year round but there's something about the sun and daffodils that make me want to paint on the baby pinks. Barry M Nail Polishes are my favourite, I've purchased from the brand ever since I was a teen and will most definitely continue doing so. They're so affordable, long lasting and have a pretty great shade selection, what's not to love :)

Must have Lip Colour, this spring?
It has to be the L'Oreal Colour Riche Matte in 632, its all I've been reaching for recently. It's a pinky nude, subtle, suitable for everyday and drugstore, I love it. It's such an easy shade to wear and I love the formula. I've written more about it in an upcoming post about the lipsticks I currently have in rotation, so won't go into it much. I bumped into a friend and I said, hey, do you notice anything different about me? And they go, yeah you look different, I said, it the lipstick haha, because they're so used to seeing me with darker, browny shades!

Favourite Spring Dress?
I'm with Kay on this one, I don't own any spring - like dresses, I love the look of them but don't have any. I don't even own a floral dress, I don't think they suit me, well, I've never actually tried one on lol. But, even though, its a winter/ autumn piece, I love wearing a denim skirt, because it's quite windy here in spring, but still sunny, so with a denim skirt, I know the wind won't expose me :P because the skirt is quite sturdy. Although, I've found, it's so hard to get out of a car in one, like fully struggled trying to get out of an Uber the other day!!

Favourite Flower?
I love flowers, bloody love them! And I'm actually quite fussy when it comes to picking out a bunch, I love them all because they're so pretty and vibrant but I love more than anything a simple and classic bunch, which a mixture of types of flowers. I also like picking a bunch of Daffodils up, because you can't really go wrong with them. But, my fave of all time are gypsophila' s or Baby's Breath!

Favourite Spring Accessory?
I don't really have a Spring accessory, and you guys know me, I only ever love simple, dainty pieces. But what I have been wearing a lot recently, is the Pandora Bracelet that I received from my friends for my 21st, I love it. It's simple, easy to wear and goes with everything.

Favourite Spring Candle?
Shock horror, I don't have one! Double horror, I've haven't burnt a candle since Feb, like whaat! I'm saving my Jo Malone candle for a special occasion!

Favourite Body Spray or Perfume?
I don't have one, but I have been loving my mums favourite perfume, its Eternity by Calvin Klein.

What is Spring like where you live?
Hmm, here in London, its not always like those pretty Instagram pictures of pink blossom trees, 80% yeah, but other days, its windy and rainy. But I do have to say, this year, we've been really lucky, its been quite sunny, warm and actually quite nice :)

Whats my favourite thing about Spring?
For me, it has to be the start of the Sun, because we don't get any of it during winter or autumn. I also like experimenting with outfits, I know that may sound a little unusual, but during the other months, all I ever do is wear a top, jeans and wack a coat over myself, at least with spring, I can start whipping out the skirts, light jackets, the lot! Also, spring inspired flatlays, as I've managed to rebuild my Instagram, I've been loving playing around with different flat lay styles, adding pops of colour and unleashing my creativity ... I think lol! Shameless plug, my handle is: @tipscapsule

Any plans for Spring break or Upcoming vacation?
This is going to sound so boring but nothing, I have nothing planned for Spring. I finish uni, around May and then the job hunt starts. But I would love more than anything to go away for a little while, just somewhere in Europe with friends or family. I haven't been on holiday since 2006 and I was going to rush into finding a job, but then I was speaking to my aunt and she said, why don't you take a little break, you're never going to get a huge amount of time off when you work, you had a crap summer last year, and there really is no rush. And she can't be more right, I was in the mind frame of finishing uni and start job hunting straight after, but whats the harm in waiting for a month or a few weeks? I have been looking and applying to a few places but who knows where the Spring will lead ...

And that's it for this post, once again, a massive thank you to Kay for tagging me and I'll see you all on Thursday!

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  1. I love writing tags on my blog and love to read them as well. I do agree with your aunt, job can't wait and you should enjoy the last free moments before the hell starts (I know what I'm talking about, haha). Have a great spring.

    Michelle Morchella


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