Tuesday, 7 March 2017

My Morning Routine ♡

Hey Guys,

Ever since I started blogging, way back in 2015, I have always wanted to write up a morning and evening routine and quite frankly, I just don't know why or how I haven't written one up yet. So that's what I'm sharing today, my morning routine, and my evening routine, I'll post on Thursday. My mornings are different everyday, because some days I have uni and the other days I have errands to run and on the others, I laze around at home catching up uni work, Jane the Virgin, and anything else on my list. Today was one of those laze around the house days and took my sweet time to get up and ready ...

8:30 - Waking Up: So, even on my lazy days, I still and get up a little early because my sleeping pattern is sensitive, annoyingly. If I wake up later then normal, I'm bound to get a headache and if I go to bed later than usual, I'll get a headache so I try and keep my waking up and going to sleep times 'normal' in a sense and avoid waking up super late on some days because headaches are not fun :(

9:00 - Get out of Bed:  i.e, the hardest part of any day, I mean, beds are just so comfy, warm and simply amazing!! And yep, I laze around in my bed for ages, simply scrolling through Instagram, Snapchat, etc, and just catching up. Although I need to stop doing this because it takes me ages to do so and always regret getting out of bed late, but it's hard to resist!!

9:30 - The real routine: This is where the actual morning routine starts, I get out of bed, head off to the bathroom and brush my teeth and then head down to have some breakfast. I'm not much of a breakfast person but I still like to have a little something, so today, I opted to have a Mince Pie (yes, even though its not Christmas) and a Cup of tea! With that, I'd usually watch whatever is on TV or catch up on any shows that I missed the previous night!

9:45 - Get Ready: Breakfast usually doesn't take long unless I'm catching up on a show but once that's all done, I'll head back up and pick out an outfit to wear. Because I'm in no rush, I chose to have a bath, which I do most days anyway haha and complete my skincare routine. Once I'm out, I'll moisturize my skin and pop on my clothes, say a little prayer and put my hair in a bun! Because it's finally long enough to be put in one!

10:30 - Do whatever needs to be done: And this is where the day actually begins, if there's a lot to do, I'll end up writing a to do list and check each point off through out the day or I'll just go with the flow. Today was a busy lazy day, I had a lot of blogging 'stuff' to do and thank god the natural lighting wasn't so bad so I took a few blog photo's and then plopped myself on the sofa with the TV on and the laptop on my lap and began writing, commenting, replying, all the blog esque things!

And that's it for my morning routine, pretty simple, but it's not always like that! Hectic and uni days are a lot different, maybe I'll write up one like that!

My evening routine post will be up on Thursday :)

And you all know I do love a birthday shout out and today I have two, I wanted to wish my one of my bestest frriends, Sunali a happy belated birthday .. again lols and my Dad, whose birthday it is today, also, a very happy birthday <3

Tip ♡

Ps, You should've seen my face when I managed to avoid spilling that tea all over the bed, #TuesdayWins LOL!

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  1. You had perfect morning routine. I love these morning on weekends, just being lazy and have some good breakfast with coffee.

    Michelle Morchella

  2. Your photos are gorgeous, props to not spoiling the cup of tea! Loved reading about your morning routine, and I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets lazy and lounges around in bed for an extra 30 minutes :P

    Jenny // Geeky Posh


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