Thursday, 23 February 2017

What I Got For My 21st ♡

Hey Guys,

Okay, so, before I even go into this post, I need to right a little disclaimer, this isn't a braggy, oh, I got this, I got that for my birthday, oh look at me' nor is it a 'show off' post or any type of mean, passive aggressive post in any way, I ain't no Regina George!

Okay, with that out the way, I can finally get onto this post, I love watching, 'what I got video's' purely because I'm nosey and I just love to know what people got! Also because I find them interesting and intriguing, which is why I decided to post this one, because I've never done one and I thought even if I'm only ever going to do one of these in my entire blogging existence, it has to be one from my 21st. From Tuesday's post, you'll know that I turned 21 two Saturdays ago and I celebrated the day pretty low key with my family and then a few days later, I celebrated with my friends and we went out to grab a bite to eat and watch Aladdin the Musical, which by the way is FREAKIN AMAZING!! If you're wanting to watch a musical, go for that one, you will not be disappointed, the production, performances, costumes, everything, was beyond incredible. I side tracked, badly lol! But yes, I was lucky to receive a few amazing gifts from my friends and family ...

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Mini's: I should've just called this post, 'when you're friends take your obsessions to another level' because you all know I love liquid lipsticks and they know that I've been wanted the Huda Beauty ones for some time now and they gifted me with a set. I won't go into these because, duh, being a blogger, I'm defo going to be writing a post up on these some time but one word, liquidy ... 

Toms Shoes: I love espadrilles but I can never find a pair that suits every outfit and fits well because what I've found in the past is that as I walk, they come off because the back isn't so secure and tight. But I've had a little walk in these and they are the most comfiest shoes, they fit well and have a cushioned sole, when it gets a little warmer here in the UK, they're all I'll be wearing!

Yankee Candles: I also received a pack of mini Yankee Candles which have the most beautiful, citrus-y scent. And I've never brought a Yankee Candle before so this was also a first :)

HP Sprocket Photo Printer: My dad asked me what I wanted and I hadn't a clue, but then I came across this photo printer and fell in love with it because it's almost like a Polaroid but you can print the pictures off your phone and its portable. I've recently been keen on taking and printing a lot more pictures and I think this is a great way to start :)

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Candle: My exact reaction when I ripped the wrapping paper was OMG WHAT! I think you all know how obsessed I am with candles and could never personally purchase a Jo Malone candle because they are quite pricey but I finally have one and I couldn't be happier. I haven't burnt it yet because I don't want too lol, but what I will say it that it smells incredible and it came with a packet of very cool looking matches :)

Pandora Bracelet: I was extremely luckily to receive this stunning bracelet which took me by total surprise. I've never purchased or been given anything from Pandora so you can imagine my face at the time lol. I love more than anything dainty and simple jewelry pieces and this fits the part perfectly, I've worn it everyday since, you did well girls!

And that's that for today's post, I feel lucky and happy to have received great gifts and I hope you enjoyed having a read of this style of post!

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my post recent post. I am so glad I discovered your blog today. Your photos are beautiful! Sounds like you were very lucky and got lots of beautiful things for your 21st. I hope you had a wonderful birthday xx

    Laura's Beauty Binge

  2. These are lovely things. Happy for you. Happy Birthday in arrears! 

  3. These are such lovely gifts!!hope you had an amazing birthday!! Happy Friday!



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