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Elizabeth Arden Liquid Assets Collection | First Impressions ♡

Hey Guys,

Elizabeth Arden, where would I be without their 8 hour cream, dry crackly hands, that's where haha. But moving away from the most loved cream, they've recently launched a Liquid Assets collection, which includes 5 bold colored high impact 24 hour Liquid Eyeliners, 9 shades, yes 9 rich liquid lipsticks and a beautiful liquid highlighter. I was kindly sent 3 Liquid Lipsticks and the Liquid Highlighter and thought instead of uploading a standard review, I'll write up a first impressions.

I opened and tried the lip products first, so here I am lifting up the little cardboard flap and getting the product out, I pulled it out and thought 'well this is different' especially for a liquid lipstick lover, I've never seen a product out there like this. It's kind of shaped like a pen. I'm nodding my head, thinking yeah, this is pretty cool product packaging and then I take the lid off and see the flocked tip applicator and think hmm, it has a nice curve. Naturally, I then try and get the product out and for a good 10 seconds, I couldn't figure it out, then I see a little curved lever bit and push it up and out the product comes, that's when I thought I had stepped into the future haha A bit dramatic but true. I have never seen something like this before and I actually really like how different it is.

Right, enough of me being amazed, I'll describe each shade a little later but onto the actual texture and product. I swatched Pink Lover first and in terms of application, I thought it was very smooth, and glides on very smoothly. The applicator is curved which means easy application and it shapes the lip really well, you can get to those awkward curves with no difficulty. Also, with its click lever, you release the correct amount of product.Or if you want that little bit more, you can click/ push up from the bottom (where the shade name is usually written) see I told you, this is something from the future!

With it being a liquid lipstick, I was expecting the product to dry completely matte, but it remained creamy and non sticky. It has a gloss finish, the complete opposite to what I expected, and this is when I went back to read the little booklet that came with the package, because I was clearly a child in a sweet shop when I received it, that I forgot about everything else and dived straight into the product. EA describe it as 'Creamy, high impact lip colour combines the coverage and intensity of a lipstick with a finish of a gloss'. After reading that, I went oooooh, this all makes sense now! Yep, this is what you call a real first impressions haha.

Now, I don't really like glosses because I don't get along with them, I actually think I only one I have is a NYX shade. I think its just the texture that I don't like, I often find them sticky and tacky but not with these, they are not sticky in the slightest, in fact every shade is very comfortable and moisturising to wear. In terms of longevity and duration of the product throughout the day, I would say, it did last a good handful of hours, I had to of course, like with most products re apply after lunch.

The shades: They are very pigmented, for a gloss, I was shocked at how pigmented they actually are. Nice and intense. They contain emollient ester and glycerin which is what gives that comfortability and moisture. I completely forgot to mention the smell, its really nice, kind of like sweet caramel.
Pink Lover: A lovely everyday pink, its a my lips but pinkier shade.
Seductive Magenta: A bold but true Magenta, perfect for a night out.
Daring Beige: My favourite shade, its the perfect nude, not to pink or not to brown, again great for everyday wear.

Pink Lover
Seductive Magenta
Daring Beige

Okay that's enough about the Liquid Lipsticks, I've gone on a lot lol. Onto the highlighter. It comes into a pot and is the shade Golden, a lovely gold highlight which too smells pretty darn great. The glow this gives is just amazing. I love highlighters, I always reach for them in powder form because I'm scared I'll mess up with a liquid one, but actually it wasn't that bad. A little different from my usual but pleasantly surprised, I found it was really lightweight and smooth.

Instead of brush it on, I dabbed this onto my cheekbones because I figured its probably the best way to apply it and it worked really well. Like every other girl, when I applied this, I tilted my cheekbones into the light and girl, there was a serious glow. It's intense, which may sound a little out there for everyday but its that kind of intense which works for everyday, for example, with other highlighters, you may need swipes and swipes but with this you really don't. The glow shows upon application.

The Liquid Assets collection is on sale now, online or at any Elizabeth Arden counter! The Liquid Lipsticks retail at £18, with the Highlighter retailing for £26.

See you all next week :)

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  1. I tried my first Elizabeth Arden product earlier this year, a mascara, and I love it. I really need to look into their brand more.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. Wow, the packaging is indeed very unique; I like it, too! I also love the color pigmentation and finish, I think it's perfect for winter, especially those like me who suffer from chapped lips during the season! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  3. You lucky girl to get sent these! I haven't paid much attention to this brand but like Anne, I tried their mascara few months back and it's pretty good. Will have to look into a couple of these liquid lipsticks and definitely need to try the highlighter!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. I feel that Elizabeth Arden is one of the most underrated brands when it comes to makeup - their products are honestly amazing and I have never been disappointed! I haven't heard of these lippies, though, but they look amazing and the shades seem right up my alley - I'd love to check them out! All the colours look so beautiful on you. :) Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts, my darling! x


  5. these look different, but look so cool! the shades you chose look lovely. they sound amazing:) x

  6. I love Elizabeth Arden products. Everything looks so pretty.

  7. I love magenta and beige!!! The packaging is so cute, I actually love those kind of applicators with lip products!


  8. Lovely shades...

  9. How lucky you are to have been sent these - they're so gorgeous! Pink Lover is so up my street and definitely a shade I could see myself reaching for regularly, I'll have to look into it, for sure :) Hope you're having a fab weekend!!

  10. These look so interesting and I don't think that I have ever seen anything like them! The shades also look gorgeous :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  11. Daring Beige looks so gorgeous on you! I have to say I was so baffled by the packaging! So unique and totally would have thought they would come out drying more matte as well! I quite like that they aren't too matte as sometimes I can find that quite drying so that's quite cool! xx

  12. Great products


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