Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Makeup Tag ♡

Hey Guys,

Wow, it feels weird to actually be sitting at my computer and writing a post, I haven't written on in so long. I had a shed load of revision and a few exams so I kinda wrote all my posts during the middle of April, which is also why I have been sort of silent in the blogosphere in terms of commenting but have no fear, once I've hit publish on this post, I'll be sure to go on a massive comment spree. I think I might publish a life update soon but don't hold me on that because a lot of personal things have been going on, I just need to buckle up the courage and write it all out. Anwaaay, for this months tag post, I was actually tagged by the lovely the Bianca, (I've linked her blog) to do the Beauty Lover Tag but that's what last months tag was called and because the questions are different, I thought I would the title up! The questions that Bianca set are ...


1. If you decided to do a one makeup brand look, then which brand would you go for?
Urm, this one's tricky, lets break it down into drugstore and high end. Okay for drugstore it would have to be Maybelline because I love their Fit Me range and the lip crayons they do, I think that's what their called. And for high end, it would be Nars because think anyone can fault the Sheer Glow foundation.

2. Are there any Makeup Brands you have not tried?
Loads, Chanel, YSL, Revlon, Max Factor, the list goes on, I need to explore more brands!!

3. Have you ever done makeup on anyone?
Nope, I actually haven't, well not a full face anyway. I'm going to embarrass my dad here, but he is the one when it comes to makeup, no word of a lie, he lets me test face masks, my eye shadow technique, bronzing, you name it. he's up for it. Thank god he doesn't read my blog lol!

4. What other talents do you have?
Honestly, I don't think I have any, or I just can't think of one, wait hang on, I'm good when it comes to picking things up with my feet, can I count that?

5. Have you regretted buying Makeup products, if so what are they?
All the blooming time, you know what seriously irritates me, (especially because I'm a major lippie addict) when brands don't show the shade on different skin tones, it frustrates me. I've brought so many lippies that I think look good but don't go with my tone. I kinda went on a tangent there haha. I've done a No Go Zone post plus a disappointing products post, I'll cheekily leave the links here, No Go Zone and  Disappointing Products.

6. Name a few high end makeup products you own?
Honestly, I don't buy a lot of high end but I do have a few Clinque Lippies.

7. Have you ever felt that certain beauty blogger's or youtubers reviews of makeup products are inaccurate?
I probably have in the past but I can't think of one exact example.

8. Have you ever thought that certain makeup products are not worth the money? If you had the freedom to decide prices for any particular product, how much would you sell it for?
Again, I probably think most is overpriced but I can't think of one product on the spot. However, I do think although they are drugstore products, some can be overpriced for being a 'drugstore' product.

9. Would you like to be trained as a makeup artist?
I think I would, I'd love it. I mean I would be able to say 'highlight and contour on fleek', like everyday and for it to actually be true haha.

10. In your opinion, what is the most overrated makeup brand?
This may cause a storm in a teacup but MAC, yeah the products are great but you know there are better. Actually, that answer might be a little biased because I went into MAC and the girls there are terrible, I cannot stand it, and its happened twice. They literally just stared at me as if to think, ew what is she doing here, she don't deserve our makeup. Yep, its a horrible feeling!

To wrap this post up, I'd just like to thank Bianca for tagging me again and I'm not going to tag anyone in particular so if you wanna give this a fancy, go for it!

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  1. Hahah! The picking things up with your feet talent - too funny! I can't believe you haven't tried Revlon! I guess it's so widely available where I live that it was one of the first brands I ever tried.
    I agree with you that MAC is kind of overrated. I've yet to try anything so I guess I'm jumping the gun, but it just doesn't appeal to me either. There's nothing worse than walking into a store and having the clerks basically ignore you... mind you I don't enjoy when they follow me around either!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. Haha, I guess I'll count that as one! I know right, I need to get my hands on that famous foundation of theirs. Exactly, its such a horrible feeling ♥

  2. Oh my, MAC as most overrated brand? That brought tears to my eyes. I do understand not being treated that way though. Should we ever meet in person, I will take you to a MAC Pro Store personally and show you why MAC is worth all the hype! The MAC girls around here are lovely.
    And compliment to your dad for being your guinea pig, that is true support.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Aww haha, its just not a nice place to be in, I need to go to a store that has lovely MAC girls. Well, I have now made it my mission to get to Mainz and for you to treat me with a little trip, he really is great ♥

  3. loved this tag!:) i've heard TONS of things about the MAC people being like you said, it makes me quite nervous when i go to MAC:/ its sweet that your Dad lets you test makeup on him:) xx


    1. Thanks Em, I literally have to find a different store to go into every time I want too ♥

  4. I'm actually quite bad when it comes to trying new makeup brands! I as well haven't tried any Charlotte Tilbury or YSL or Max Factor products! I have to say that the beauty world really needs to step up their game when it comes to making shades available for everyone. xx


  5. Haha! You have the coolest day on earth, mine would tell me to bugger right off if I even mention a makeup product to him. I think I would choose L'Oreal if I have to do one brand makeup, actually it's interesting to see if I have enough products from one brand to do a full face makeup.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Haha, I sure do! LOOL, L'Oreal is one of my favourites too ♥

  6. Nice tag. Very interesting.
    I never had the same feeling than you at Mac, people always have been nice but I understand your feeling.


  7. Great post, i found this to be an interesting read.


  8. Lots of people don't like the MUAs at MAC because of how rude and indifferent they can be, but I've always had pretty positive experiences with them. They've always been nice, but maybe it's just at the ones close to where I live? I'm sure if it were at different locations I might experience the rudeness.


    1. Phew, I'm not the only one. I need to find a store with nice people lol ♥

  9. I am also good at picking things up with my feet. :)

  10. Ooh, I'm with you on appreciating Clinique lipsticks and it sounds as though it's time to work your way through the list brands you're yet to try - that could be fun! ;) Personally, I'm yet to try anything by Charlotte Tilbury and so, so keen to! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Twitter | Instagram x

  11. Hope you’re going ok lovely, life can become so busy and full on sometimes hey! If you ever need anyone to talk to you you know where I live on the internet :P

    BUT - oh my gosh, your dad! How cute!!! Also, I have to agree with choosing maybelline as your favourite drugstore and the ever great Nars for high end! :)


  12. OMG, I'm sorry you had bad experiences at MAC! Thank god the MAC girls over here are friendly!


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