Tuesday, 13 October 2015

No Go Zone | Mineral Magic Powder Review ⛔

Hey Guys,

So todays post, I am relived and excited to write because I get to let off everything I HATE about this product (I warn you now, this entire post is a major rant), but also, I feel slightly disappointed because any beauty lover out there will probably say the same thing, in the sense that we all hate being super excited to purchase a product and then feel extremely let down if it doesn't live up to your expectations. You've built your feelings and excitement up during a certain period and the product just completely disappoints you in every way.

Okay, so I've seen this powder advertised a lot in the UK on a number of different channels and each time I see it, I go, I need that in my life. Primarily because most long time readers will know that I have scarred skin through acne breakouts, so I will jump at the opportunity to purchase anything that helps that! In the advert, this product 'claimed' to:

Conceal Dark Circles
Even Skin Tones
Brighten Dull Skin
Reduce Redness and Hide Blemishes
Camouflages Sallow Complexions

The powder is very fine and easy to work with, shame that had little impact!

And being provided that information and naively believing it all, my mum brought it for me from an Asda store whilst we were on our trip to Wales. It retails at £10. I was super excited to try it out when we got home I just had to give it a go and that's where it fell flat on its face. It did not cover any dark circles, even out my skin tone or cover any scars in any way, shape or form.

Then I was like, oh maybe its because I've already got make up on, so it might not work correctly, do its thing etc. So the next morning, I had just cleansed and not put a smidge of make up on, and I went ahead and used the brush that came with the Mineral Magic Powder to apply it on my face, and made me look completely ghostly and again didn't do anything it stated to. I realised £10 had gone down the drain and that it was a faux.

The packaging itself is great, the brush and sponge that it came with it are quite handy and I have used them to apply other forms of make up and the mirror is brilliant, its nice and big, the perfect size. If only I wasn't superstitious, I would have ripped off the mirror and put it in my bag! -Total sarcastic comment, it just had to be done!

If I had to give this product one advantage point/ benefit, it would be the fact that it has been marketed and advertised in the correct manner, because I for sure fell for all the things I was told it could do!

Phew' I feel much better now that's all off my chest!
I would be interested to know if anyone else has brought the Mineral Magic Powder and has a completely different view from me!



  1. there's nothing worse than feeling disappointed with a product you were so excited to try! such a shame this didn't work. i'm glad i've read this review because it's swayed me from trying it. the quest for a miracle product continues!!

    Hannah x hannatalks

    1. Tell me about it! Yay, steer clear, yep it sure does! There has to be one out there xx

  2. I hate being disappointed too! It's even worse when you read great reviews from everybody else, and it just doesn't work for you :(

    Thanks for the review! Glad that you were able to get that rant out haha



    1. Exactly, its one of the worst feelings, especially for a beauty junkie like me ☺. It was my pleasure, haha it sure felt great!
      Thanks for reading ♥

  3. What a pity that it was a disappointing product. I really hate false advertisement! I will definitely skip that product!



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