Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Stationary Haul | Uni Week ♡

Hey Guys,
As another academic year approaches, the stationary game gets stronger and all stationary lovers find themselves stocking up on all things stationary and with all the sales and deals on, I for sure couldn't resist. 
The only thing that gets me excited for the beginning of uni is being able to use stationary again. Sad I know haha! Even when I was at school, stationary shopping was the highlight of my holidays.
I still have a few bits and bobs from last year, such as notebooks and folders so I'll continue to use them too!
Okay, I've already exhausted the word 'stationary' now let's get on with the haul! 
I try to purchase inexpensive stationary I.e from the high street because it's what I've grew up with and to be honest it works perfectly well. 
Most of the items are from Wilkinsons and the odd few from other stores. 

Gold Foil Chevron Notebook: Home Bargains £1. I brought this whilst I was in Wales. I've dedicated this notebook to Blogging, because I think its so pretty!
Pink Note Book: Wilkinsons £1.25. I'll use this for general notes, like to do lists.
Diary: Poundland £1. I told you, I'm a cheap stationary lover!

Bic Pens: Wilkinsons £1.
Pukka Sticky Tabs: Wilkinsons £1.
Transparent Sticky Tabs: Wilkinsons £0.50.
Wooden Pencils: Wilkinsons £0.50.
A4 Zippa Bag: Wilkinsons £0.50.

Uni Ball Pen: Wilkinsons, I can't remember the price, but these pens are awesome!
Pritt Stick: Wilkinsons £1. My brother stole mine, so I had to get a new one!
Post It Stickers: Tesco £1.25
Blue Tac: Wilkinsons £1.
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See you tomorrow!
Tip ♡

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