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Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel Review ♡

Hey, Guys
I'm just going to get right into writing this post because I'm super excited to write it eeepp!! 
A little background of how I came to buying the product, so for months on end, I had seen so many positive reviews, but was completely hesitant to fork out £28 on a face wash because I had never ever spent that much money on an skincare item. So after doing my research throughout January and onwards, I thought I would finally give it a try and brought it in April.

I must admit it is a very pricy item to those who can't even imagine spending that much on a face wash, however, it may seem considerably inexpensive to those who indulge in high end skincare products frequently. In that case each to their own 😌. I'm not into designer items such as handbags or designer shoes, (of course I would love to purchase them but frankly, I don't have the budget too and I know in a number of years they will fall apart). But in my opinion you've got one face for the rest of your life, take care of it as much as you can and give it what it needs. Which is the exact reason why I invested in the oskia face wash. Woah, I really digressed there, sorry!
Anyway, I can't deal with how incredible this product is! I'm not going to lie, at first it started to break me out more frequently then usual but at the same time, I, for the first time adopted washing my face in the evening even if I hadn't left the house or worn makeup because I thought not washing my face twice a day was causing spots. I was SO wrong, washing my face twice a day was the reason I was breaking out more so I stopped and realised that it was that factor and not the face wash.

Also, I was using the oskia face wash in the morning and evening which was making my skin slightly oilier. So it was about finding the right balance for my skin with the face wash, and I was determine to find it because I wasn't going to let £28 go to waste!! So instead, I have a new routine of only conducting my nightly skincare routine if I've worn makeup during the day, which in that case I would use a micellar water to first remove my makeup and the oskia would act as a double cleanse and deep clean my skin and remove any residue from the makeup. 

This product is great for all skin types, I think slightly better for dry and combination. Because I have an oily t zone, I was worried that because this has a gel to oil constistancy it would make my skin more oily, but I'm glad I was proved wrong because it didn't and helped soothe my dry cheeks. 
One to two pumps are more than enough, and it comes out in a pinkish colour with a gorgeous rose scent. As it's rubbed into the skin it becomes more of a oil. You then rub a little water into the skin as this will loosen and emulsify the product, helping it work deeper into the skin.  And then you simply remove with water or a warm wet face cloth. 
In my honest opinion, every time I use this product I instantly notice a glow in my skin and when I wakeup the next morning my skin just looks healthy and feels soft. 
I purchased it in April and I still haven't finished my first bottle, and I know for sure that I will be re purchasing. 
I have to say, the one negative aspect about this, is that you don't know when it's going to finish or how much is left. It's in a solid white bottle, but even there I'm not faulting the actual product just the packaging. Is it obvious that I love this product 💁

See you for the next post!

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  1. This looks amazing! Such a great post, told me everything I need to know about the product and now I want it! £28 for a product that has lasted you a good 4 months and counting is not bad at all. Thank you for sharing!

    Grace xxx

  2. Yay, I was hoping to do it justice! You're Welcome :)
    Thanks for reading ♥

  3. Thanks for this wonderful review! looks like a great product♥♥

  4. I was breaking out so badly recently and then I stopped using cleansing products. I've only been washing my face with just water for a week and I have pretty much clear skin in terms of zits and spots now.... never knew that would be the solution for me!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Wow, I never even thought of just using water to help stop spots! I might have to give it go!
      Thanks for letting me know ♥

  5. I am exactly like you, I get really hesitant about buying expensive skin care. It's funny, I would pay £28 for an eyeshadow palette but on a moisturizer probably not! It's great that you found a product that works for you - it's so unfortunate when you buy something and it doesn't! xx


  6. I was thinking that whilst writing the post! Any beauty lover, including me would happily pay £30 on a Nars Foundation but on a cleanser, we're all hesistant :)
    Thank you xx


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