Sunday, 13 September 2015

Back To Uni Week ♡

Hey Guys,

Sundays are not my normal upload days but I thought I would write a quick introductory post explaining the posts that will be up during this week. (14th - 19th September).


I wanted to take the plunge with blogging and see what it feels like to post every single day for a week. And with most students either returning or starting uni, what better way to take the plunge than with blogging about posts relating to university. For example, a quick and easy makeup routine, stationary haul etc.

Obviously I don't know when the semester starts for every single university but I know most start mid-end September and a few, like mine start the term early October. So, if you've already started, I hope you can still relate to the posts and if you are yet to start the posts may be of aid to you. Well, hopefully!

Tip ♡

P.s if you're in school or work, a few of the posts may help you too!

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