Thursday, 3 September 2015

50 Random Facts About Me ♡

Hey Guys,

I've had this blog for just over a month and thought a great way to get to know me a little better is to tell you all a few, well 50 random facts about me. I can already tell this is going to be long one, so lets get going!

1. I'm not very tall, I'm pretty tiny actually.
2. I have two siblings; an older sister and a younger brother. Making me the middle child.
3. I've never fully seen the movie Titanic.
4. In fact it was only last week I watched a Harry Potter movie. I now know what I've missed on!
5. I LOVE candles!! 
6. I HATE talking on the phone to professionals. I try to avoid making appointments at all costs. I don't mind talking to family and friends but say if I need to make a opticians appointment, I get someone to do it because I'm scared of stumbling over my words and just get anxious making calls. I find it awkward.
7. My favourite colour is a nudey pink.
8. New Look is where I buy the majority of my clothes from.
9. Me and my best friends go to the Zoo every year. It's just a yearly tradition.
10. I can't stand strong perfumes, they give me headaches
11. I will not leave the house without a tub of Carmex and Mint gum.
12. I haven't worn jeans since 2013, I prefer the 'Eden' or 'Frankie' jeggings from Dorothy Perkins.
13. I drink tea every morning in a bowl, unusual I know but its been ingrained in ever since I was a child.
14. Lush and The Body Shop are two of my favourite shops.
15. I'm terrified of Roller-coasters, you'll never find me in a theme park. 
16. I'm 19.
17. I've never been to a Concert.
18. I live in London.
19. I don't really know how to swim. 
20. My birthday is on the 11th February. Funnily enough, I will turn 20 next year.
21. I exfoliate my body every Friday and then moisturise with coconut oil.
22. I can bend my thumb right back to my wrist. Weird I know.
23. I have never moved house.
24. I drink 4 500ML glasses of water a day. It's just an easy way to drink 2L a day.
25. My best friends sister taught me how to ride a bike!
26. I hate with a serious passion, cloves or cinnamon sticks.
27. I am a Vegetarian. No particular reason, I've just grown up like that.
28. Number two is my favourite/ lucky number!
29. I love to cook, its a huge passion of mine. I like to experiment with different foods to create different flavours.
30. I never follow a recipe. I'll use it as inspiration but never follow it to a T!
31. I cannot stand parsley.
32. Parsnips and sweet corn are my favourite vegetables. Yes, I have favourite vegetables lol.
33. I grow my own vegetables every summer. This year I grew Sweetcorn, Broccoli, Onions, Cucumber and Kale. I'm not a 'conventional' 19 year old haha.
34. I don't particularly have a favourite food.
35. I've never worn false eyelashes.
36. I have a large family. My great grandfather had seven children, and my granddad is the second eldest.
37. I'm scared of injections.
38. I loved school and kind of miss it actually.
39. Years 11 and 13 were my favourite years in school, as stressful as they were.
40. Me and my best friends went to Nando's pretty much every other week in Year 13.
41. I haven't been on holiday for more than 10 years.
42. When I was I child, I went to Australia, America, India and France. (Not one after the other!)
43. I go to Wales every year to visit my grandparents (my mums parents).
44. My hands get very dry, I try and avoid washing the dishes!
45. Textiles was my favourite subject at school.
46. I love all things stationary.
47. I like to reuse jars and would even by an item of food just for the jar. I told you I'm not normal, but who is!
48. Even though they're not out yet, I have already made it fact that I will watch Finding Dory and the That's so Raven reunion special.
49. I love flowers, every time I see a bunch, I smile.
50. I took me two days to write this post.

I'm hoping I haven't got the numbering wrong lol.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better.

Tip ♡


  1. I've never seen the whole of Tiranic either, just because I find it so boring and can't watch it - I really don't understand what the hype is hah!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Finally, someone who's not shocked when I tell them I've never seen the film haha!

      Thanks for reading my blog ♥

  2. I've never watched a Harry potter film ... is that bad .. lol

    1. Haha, nope it isn't! Neither had I, until a few months back!

  3. This post was a joy to read, dear! <3 I can relate to so much of what you said, we are very similar in many ways. I too hate talking on the phone and find it very awkward, and I've never seen the entirety of Titanic, either (it's just such a long film, isn't it). I'm also a vegetarian and love cute stationery - I've been collecting notebooks and pens for years! :) <3 <3



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