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Top Ten Skincare Tips ♡

My first ever post is going to be on Skincare Tips, because I've read a lot of these posts elsewhere and they all seem to be repetitive (healthy eating, water, no touching face .. la de dah) which can get annoying, so I've tried to make this one unique and different; just throwing a little disclaimer out there, I'm not a skincare professional in any way, shape or form possible, just a 19 year old who is googles things about skin like its her job - pretty excessive I know 🙈

My skin, over the past 2 years has become quite troublesome as its become more spot prone due to hormonal changes. I also have combination skin, so I have an oily t-zone and can occasionally get dry cheeks. A total hassle, not to mention a few red acne scars, urgh! Here are the tips I've picked up

1. Stay away from foaming face washes: avoid any face products that have the word 'foam' on the packing, the 'foam' will suck out all the oil that's needed in your skin to keep it supple and moisturised. Furthermore, if you are spot/ acne prone, it may break you out more because your skin is being dried out and hence, will need to produce more oil to keep it supple which in turn could cause blocked pores, and pimples could occur.

2. Wash Pillow cases frequently: if you have oily/ spot prone skin, this is a must. I wash my pillow cases minimum thrice a week. Not only do I get the freshly washed bed sheets feeling, oh yeah! It helps get rid of all the dirt that's been transferred from my hair to the pillow, which will end up on my face because when I sleep, I make every shape possible. I make sure that I've washed my hair the day the cases get washed so my greasy hair won't dirt - ify the washed cases.

3. Tie or Plait your hair before you go to sleep: this not only helps you sleep comfortably because you won't have hair streaming down you face but it also stops the oils from your hair transferring your face.

4. Use a separate face cloth when drying your face: if you use a balm/ gel to oil cleanser you'll be using a flannel or face cloth to cleanse your face but if you use an ordinary cleanser, make sure you pat dry your face first with a separate face cloth. Asda sell a two pack for a £1, yes I brough about 4 packs!!

5. Uh-huh Honey: honey is your best friend when your pimple accidently or purposely pops, just dab some on and keep it there for 20 mins or longer, try and do this every day for a week in the same place/s and it will reduce the scar that may appear and fasten the healing time of the scar.

6. Use products that suite you're skin type: if your not sure of you're skin type, there are many websites out there that can help you with that by completing a simple skin questionnaire. And buy products that adhere to that to help your skin flourish and give it what it needs.

7. Your pores DO NOT open and close, shock horror: for years I was thinking cold water closes the pores, so after I had finished washing my face I would splash it with cold water to 'close the pores', they don't bloody open or close! I wish I was told sooner *face palm*. They can be big and apparent but cannot open!!

8. Oil does not clog your pores: you may have heard this before but oils that you put on the skin does not clog the pores, but instead moisturises and keeps the skin supple. Household oils, can be used on the skin, however before doing so make sure you Google and research about it!

9. Face wipes: these are not your friend, so many people use them but I wish they hadn't, although even I must admit they are convenient, but I've stepped away and so should you. They are harsh on your skin and have been soaked in chemicals which can irritate your skin, especially if your allergic to any of the ingredients.

10. Green/ natural concealer is BAE: this is more of a concealer tip but if you have redness on your face through acne scars or any other reason, use a green or natural concealer (the professional name). Kiko, and the natural collection from Boots sell them. The green counteracts the redness and reduces or completely in some cases eliminates it. Just dab the tiniest amount where needed and blend with a finger or brush and apply your normal concealer on top. P.s if you put your foundation on before concealer, use the green concealer before the foundation. Or if like me you put concealer before, use the green, then the normal concealer and foundation on top of all that.

Oh my, I've just realised how long this post is, sorry! But skincare is a huge passion of mine and I wanted to explain all 10 tips!

See you next Tuesday,

Tip ♡


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