Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Body Shop All In One BB Cream ♡

Hey Guys,

I thought I'd write my first ever 'review' post on a product that really is a major love of mine.
I was a late bloomer to makeup, it was actually April this year when I developed a full make up routine (pretty late, I know 🙈) . Obviously, as a kid I would love to rummage through my mum's makeup draw and fill my face with anything and everything I got my hands on as if it was an entire colouring book! But in years 11-13, I would occasionally wear mascara but that was it; I became very interested in other forms of makeup but was to afraid to wear it in case I wore the wrong foundation shade, or wore an excessive amount of eye shadow which I would've thought looked cool whereas others would've thought why I had been punched in the face! So around the month of April, I came across The Body Shop All In One BB Cream (£12.00) and thought, hey, this would be a good start because its a BB cream so its not full coverage and will feel light on the skin. I have not stopped wearing it. Literally.

The Asian in me is going 'Damn, you,
had to waste some 😩'

First of all the packaging is ideal; as it is secure and small enough to travel with. The packaging is aesthetically pleasing and the Mirror effect instantly attracted me to it.
It is sold in four different shades, I use the shade 02, although quite recently it has made me look slightly paler than I actually am, maybe because I've caught a tan (its rare to catch a tan in the UK haha). When first applied, it looks as if its a cream because it is white in colour however it adapts to the skin tone the more its worked in and throughout the day. It feels weightless as I can't feel it on my skin, however it does provide a light coverage. I find that it doesn't entirely cover my scars but almost does in a sense. The best feature of the BB Cream is that it evens out my skin tone; my chin and forehead are ever so slightly darker than my cheeks, so this product helps even everything out. In my opinion, it wears well throughout the day and by the end of the day, I don't feel as it has faded. I highly recommend this product if your just starting with make up, want a light coverage or are wanting coverage on a day off! Oh, and it's suitable for all skin types 👍. This is a staple in my makeup routine and has been ever since April! 
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