Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Desk Transformation ♡

Hey Guys,

I wasn't really sure of what I should name this post because its not really a big transformation but it sort of is in a sense because I've changed my desk layout. Anyway, I've been wanting to change the layout of my desk for quite a while because its where I'll spend most of my time when I start uni again, and I wanted to make it pretty and inspirational in a sense so I'll actually be bothered to study.

Before: My desk was pretty bland. 


Yes, I have an excess amount of Notebooks!
Blocked Heart: Given to me.
Copper T: Oliver Bonas (£10)
Succulent/ Plant: Homebase (£4.99). Yes, I have named the plant. She was first named Savannah, then I started liking the name Seraphina. So that's her name; Seraphina the succulent, I know, I'm right weirdo naming plants!

I was going to put tea light candles in the holders but thought its a tad early to satisfy my candle obsession so instead I decided to  add a pop of colour with these water beads.
Reed Diffuser: Homebase (£2.99). I covered the wooden top with some washi tape from Hobby Craft. And put a few water beads in the oil.

 Silver Holder: WHSmith (Brought this years ago)
2nd Holder: Reused jar with pink ribbon.
White Holder: Wilkinsons (£1.29)
I made this: I brought a heart slate and glitter letter stickers from Hobby Craft and formed one of my favourite quotes
'Choose Happy'

Go on, give your desk a little spice ☺
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