Monday, 31 August 2015

Summer Favourites 2015 ♡

Hey Guys,

So its coming to the end of summer (not that we got much of a summer in Britain, mother nature has been chucking it down with rain recently) and I thought I'd share the items that I've practically put before everything else in my life because I love them that much. I should have written this post mid summer but I didn't feel as if I had a sufficient amount of favourites and who says they just have to be summer favourites, I'll definitely be using these well into autumn and winter.


Thursday, 27 August 2015

My Rimmel Kate Moss Collection ♡

Hey Guys,
I'm just going to put it out there, I love Rimmel lipsticks, they are by far my favourite drugstore brand for lip products, especially the Kate Moss collection. The lipsticks are really pigmented and long lasting, not to mention affordable. When the Kate Moss Nude Collection was released it was like someone handing me heaven on a plate; anyone who knows me knows that my favourite colours are Nude and Pink, even more so the shade in between; nudey pink. I dislike bright or barbie pink, I'm more about the soft, pastel pinks. I digress.
I went into Boots recently and purchased two shades from the new collection and the classic shade 107, its one of the most wanted Rimmel Lipsticks. Before I started using the lipsticks I thought it would look prettier in a blog picture if they look all brand new, but I have worn them since☺
Yes, the shades are similar, what can I say, Nudey pink is my fave colour!

Monday, 24 August 2015

On - Trend Acai Berry Bowl ♡

Hey Guys,

I thought I'd share the recipe of one of my favourite breakfasts, which doesn't have to be eaten as a breakfast; I also like to have it for lunch or as a snack, The Acai Berry Bowl. I've eaten this for quite a while now and since healthy eating and super foods are pretty much on trend, this recipe will fit into that bracket. It takes well under then 3 minutes and there's no fancy cooking involved. Not to mention it contains 3/5 of your five fruits a day, I mean if that's not wining in life, what is!

Acai berries are tiny berries found in the amazon forest and deemed a super food. (We can't get the berries in England but powdered versions are available). They contain amazing nutrients that benefit your body in various ways, such as a crazy amount of antioxidants (brilliant for the skin), a load of fibre, a ton of healthy fats and act as a natural energy boost and when blended with a few sweet fruits, they taste pretty amazing too!


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Desk Transformation ♡

Hey Guys,

I wasn't really sure of what I should name this post because its not really a big transformation but it sort of is in a sense because I've changed my desk layout. Anyway, I've been wanting to change the layout of my desk for quite a while because its where I'll spend most of my time when I start uni again, and I wanted to make it pretty and inspirational in a sense so I'll actually be bothered to study.

Before: My desk was pretty bland. 



Tuesday, 18 August 2015

What's In My Bag ♡

Hey Guys,

I have yet to introduce the fashion section on my blog, so I thought what other way to do then write a post about what's in my bag! Well, I could've done an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD). But I haven't quite mastered the art of a 'blog post pose'. I'll get there one day ☺

Bag: Peacocks (£12)


Thursday, 13 August 2015

Easy Caprese ♡

Hi Guys,

For this post I thought I'd write up a quick healthy recipe; an easy Caprese Salad. It honestly doesn't take longer than 5 minutes and can be eaten as a snack or as part of your lunch.


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Body Shop All In One BB Cream ♡

Hey Guys,

I thought I'd write my first ever 'review' post on a product that really is a major love of mine.
I was a late bloomer to makeup, it was actually April this year when I developed a full make up routine (pretty late, I know 🙈) . Obviously, as a kid I would love to rummage through my mum's makeup draw and fill my face with anything and everything I got my hands on as if it was an entire colouring book! But in years 11-13, I would occasionally wear mascara but that was it; I became very interested in other forms of makeup but was to afraid to wear it in case I wore the wrong foundation shade, or wore an excessive amount of eye shadow which I would've thought looked cool whereas others would've thought why I had been punched in the face! So around the month of April, I came across The Body Shop All In One BB Cream (£12.00) and thought, hey, this would be a good start because its a BB cream so its not full coverage and will feel light on the skin. I have not stopped wearing it. Literally.

The Asian in me is going 'Damn, you,
had to waste some 😩'


Thursday, 6 August 2015

Top Ten Skincare Tips ♡

My first ever post is going to be on Skincare Tips, because I've read a lot of these posts elsewhere and they all seem to be repetitive (healthy eating, water, no touching face .. la de dah) which can get annoying, so I've tried to make this one unique and different; just throwing a little disclaimer out there, I'm not a skincare professional in any way, shape or form possible, just a 19 year old who is googles things about skin like its her job - pretty excessive I know 🙈

My skin, over the past 2 years has become quite troublesome as its become more spot prone due to hormonal changes. I also have combination skin, so I have an oily t-zone and can occasionally get dry cheeks. A total hassle, not to mention a few red acne scars, urgh! Here are the tips I've picked up

1. Stay away from foaming face washes: avoid any face products that have the word 'foam' on the packing, the 'foam' will suck out all the oil that's needed in your skin to keep it supple and moisturised. Furthermore, if you are spot/ acne prone, it may break you out more because your skin is being dried out and hence, will need to produce more oil to keep it supple which in turn could cause blocked pores, and pimples could occur.

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